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Talk To Me Lyrics

look at me

Look at me
Look into my eyes
Tell me, do you see that I am always by your side?
Or has the world got you down on your knees?
Come to me
Look at you
Look into your heart
Tell me is there room for you to make a brand new start?
Or has the world gotten to you and made you dark?
Come to me

'Cuz when you cry, all your tears I will wipe away
and when you laugh, who you think got you that way?
And when you dream, when you wake up, is it meyou want to see?

Look at us
Look around the world
'cuz all you seem to find are unhappy boys'unhappy girls
and tell me ' is that what you want for you and me?
Don't you want to be happy?

close window


talk to me

There you are again
I see you all the time
We haven't really met yet,
But you know, I don't mind
'Cuz I think today's the day
I'm gonna go right up and say to you
Would it be alright
If I called you up sometime?

There you go again
I let you get away
At least I've got more time
To think of what I might say (like)
'Couldn't we be good' (or maybe)
'Don't you think that we should find
Some quiet little place where we'd make love all day?'

Come and talk to me
What are you waiting for
'Cuz I can see you passing every day and I'm always wanting more
Come and talk to me
What are you gonna do
'Cuz I can't seem to get the nerve to get off my own ass
And come and talk to you

You know I love the type
You look like you've been up all night
And yet somehow still look beautiful
You do it all at the same time
Whenever you walk by
You always look me in the eyes
And in that moment I know
the same thing's on your mind

It always seems to be that I let the good things pass by
Because I let my fear stop me (but not this time)

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