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Ten Boots (Stompin') Lyrics

Ten boots, a-battered and a-beaten
Holes in our soles where the desert has eaten
But they're holdin' out an they're so easy fittin'
Just a few holes where the rattlesnakes have bitten

1st Chorus:
They ain't to fancy and they're just a little dirty
But they mean a lot to us, we think they're awful purty
We wear'em all the time, from morning to night
If you wanna take 'em from us, then you're in for a fight

We wouldn't trade for whiskey or a lover
They've taken us further than either of the other
And when we're gone, we won't be a-carin'
Six feet under, you know what we'll be wearin'

1st Chorus

2nd Chorus:
Ten boots, a-rollin and a-rompin'
Ten boots, a-stompin' and a-kickin'up
A cloud of dust, a mighty hi-ho silver
Ten boots, a-ten boots ain't stoppin'

My boots an' me, oh, we're a-never knowin'
From day to day just where we'll be a-goin'
Down a dusty road, or a-ridin on a rail
Lovin' or a-fightin', they'll never fail me
Yah ho huh

2nd Chorus

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