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The Americans Lyrics

The way you talk could always make a fool of me
Studying the patterns of your speech
I was imagining a world just out of reach but brilliant, still
And you were fumbling for something in your purse
Wondering if things could get much worse
And if you'd find a cure for all your endless ills
There was a sound coming out of the way
That you looked at me the day that we met
Birds on the roof
Cackle words like the pages of books upturned
We were there and then we left
With whiskey, blood and breath
And the typical duress of being alive
You thought the band was out of tune and overdressed
Just your typical American b.s.
There was a sound at the edge of your lips
And the corners of your mouth
The day that I left
Birds on the roof mutter names out of context
And summer burns down
With a fluttering sound
I was another rubber band around your wrist
Staring at the stairway where we kissed were you
Imagining a world that don't exist and never will,
Or were you looking for my number in your purse?
Light another cigarette
And sing and curse
Until the dancefloor dreams and the world is still.

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