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The Best Lyrics

Pass the time
Distract me from myself cause I'm so miserable
Misery loves company
Your company keeps me miserable

You're co-dependent
You enable me to treat you with disrespect
You wonder why you're so unhappy
I wonder what you did expect

Because I can treat you as good as you treat yourself
As you treat yourself

I'm a dysfunctional narcissistic
Drama freak who thrives on misery
You wonder why I fuck your friends
I wonder why you're fucking me

I'm afraid to give you what you need
I know you would leave me for sure
So I starve you for attention
You always come back wanting more

I play my games, you play your part
I will watch your mixed emotions tear you apart
But after all that you've been through to you I must confess
You my dear, out of all the rest you're the best

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