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The Colony Of Slippermen Lyrics

I) The Arrival

I wandered lonely as a cloud
Till I came upon this dirty street
I've never seen a stranger crowd
Slubberdegullions on squeaky feet

Continually pacing
With nonchalant embracing
Each orifice disgracing
And one facing me
Moves to say "hellay"

Your skin's all covered in slimy lumps
With lips that slide across each chin
His twisted limbs like rubber stumps
Are waved in welcome
Say "Please join in"

My grip must be flipping
'Cause his handshake keeps slipping
My hopes keep on dipping
And his lips keep on
Smiling all the time

"We, like you
Have tasted love
Don't be alarmed
At what you see
You yourself
Are just the same
As what you see in me"

Like you?
Like that!?

"You better watch it, son
Your sentence has only just begun
You better run and join your brother John"

II) A Visit to the Doktor

"You're in the colony of slippermen
There's no who, why
What or when

You can get out
If you've got the gripe
To see, Doktor Dyper
Reformed sniper
He'll whip off
Your windscreenwiper"

John and I are able
To face the Doktor
And his marble table
He said...

The Doktor:
Understand, Rael
That's the end of your tail

"Don't delay
Dock the dick!"
I watch his countdown
Timer tick...

III) The Raven

He places the number into a tube
It's a yellow plastic

It says: "Though your fingers may tickle
You'll be safe in our pickle"
Suddenly, black cloud
Come down from the sky
Its a supersized black bird
That sure can fly

The raven brings on
Darkness and night
He flies right down
Gives me one hell of a fright

He takes the tube
Right out of my hands
Man, I've got to find
Where that black bird lands

"Look here, John
I've got to run
I need you now
You're going to come?"

He says to me...

"Now can't you see
Where the raven flies
There's jeopardy?

We've been cured on the couch
Now you're sick with your grouch
I'll not risk my honey pouch
Which my slouch
Will wear slung very low"

He walks away
And leaves me once again
Even though I never learn
I'd hoped he'd show
Just some concern

Some concern
Some concern

I'm in the agony of Slipperpain
I pray my undercarriage will sustain
The chase is on
The pace is hot
But I'm running so very hard
With everything
That I've got

He leads me down an underpass
Though it narrows
He still flies very fast
When the tunnel stops
Catch sight of the tube
Just as it drops

I'm on top of a bank
Too steep to climb
I see it hit the water
Just in time
To watch it float away
Watch it float away
Watch it float away...

Ache, make, lake, snake, awake, snake, lake

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