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The Entertainer Lyrics

Here I am, as I'm standing on the outside looking in
There's no reflection, the house of glass is all I'm living in
Holding aces but it's hard to find a game to play alone
Stupid faces are the only friends, the only friends I've known

Gotta get outta here alive
Gotta get off your face and slide
Watching the entertainer, run away, run away right now

Holding on to a worn out dream that's hanging off the wall
It don't mean anything, it don't mean anything at all
You twist the knife into my back as the black cat crossed your path
But you're not listening to a word a single word I say

Maybe we've got ourselves to blame, maybe you drove us all insane
Watching the great complainer, waiting for the breakdown

I don't know and I don't care
'Cause all you wanna do is blow me away, yeah

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