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The Homecoming Song Lyrics

Take me back in time
To the day I was your valentine
No halo over your head
We stayed at home and spent the day in bed
Your skin so hot to the touch
I never wanted anyone so much
Your a sight for sore eyes to see
Won't somebody come and rescue me

I've spent along time away
And it's good to be home
And together is better than being alone
It's a far cry from anything I've ever felt like before
Yes and long is the road
That's been leading me back to your door

A daydream out of the blue
Into something so sad but true
An old friend back from the dead
To steal the covers sleeping in your bed

I never meant to be an aggravation
I'm only looking for a second chance
I'm so hard-headed that determination
Left me all alone
That's why I'm coming home
Running all the way

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