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The Letter Lyrics

you've got to let it go
you say you know more then you want to know
feeling traumatized
the way she put it down was not for your eyes
it was just another letter after all you should know better
you've got to let it slide i just want to love you
think it's time you finally realize

i didn't do it
she only wants to get between you and me
i can't beleive it
theres no reason for this jealuosy
don't say it's too late to set the record straight
i didn't do it, no i didn't do it
it's just a letter

your misconception plays
you let her words just take us separate ways
don't over analyze
she's just somebody trying to get you with her lies
it's just another letter you should know better
you're still my everything
so i've met her, baby, that don't mean a thing


she made up this one sided rendezvous
i'm sorry it had to come back to you
the flowers the pictures i can't explain
i'm trying my best so don't turn away


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