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The Little Children Lyrics

*Choir singing*

[Verse 1: Ras Kass]
Capable of good and evil, so who'll lead you
Feed you to the beast cause politicians don't need you
Being a child is illegal, no bids, exam you pantin his ball eagle
Then two voices spoke;
We do, we bids in trouble and hunger
We bid for their life and lamb
When it get to be too many, we'll take care of them
Like I own, we'll hide 'em in secret places where no-one can hear they moan

[Verse 2: Ras Kass]
Uh uh, I bid, I bid said the crowd just screamin
I bid for them all
I'll teach them a thou-sand things
To lie, to sneak, and to crawl
They'll sleep in my place like maggots
And if they work out like I want
It won't have to work ahaha

[Verse 3: Ras Kass]
No, I'll bid you higher and even higher, if I have to
Said Chron with his wolf's grin
I love to lead the children
And all those nice paths of sin
They'll all budge up to steal
The great cities streets they'll feel
And they'll grow too old to pity
Just right for the cops to kill
Give +me+ the little children
You good, you rich, and you wise
And while the busy world spins around
While you shut your goddamn eyes
And your judges will all have work
And your lawyers will flat their tongues
And you jail goils and cops will be the fathers to your young
Auction of your future

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