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The Loneliness Song Lyrics

i'm sitting alone on the sidelines
warming the bench for the meantime
could settle the pain if i'm put in the game
‘cause working the team is when i shine

i'm driving myself through the country
the loneliness stands to confront me
but seeking another in a long lost lover
is a sure-fire way to go hungry

‘cause each day burns by with regret
a wasted, abandoned cigarette
and all this time would be a sweeter ride
with someone by my side

so i don't want to sleep a wink or
pour myself another drink
another table set for one
when all the world is having fun
i don't want to be the only
one who's feeling lonely
standing faceless in a crowd
anonymous, i can't be proud of
falling into solitude
the lonely life i always knew
i don't want to be so lonely
i don't want to be lonely

i'm tired of keeping my secrets
so you can feel free to repeat this
half of the time all the pleasure is mine
and the other half serves as my weakness

i'm tired of sleep without dreaming
i'm tired of touch without meaning
i'm tired of falling beyond the extremes
and i'm tired of in-betweening

thrills and needs won't mix
i don't need those kicks
i will get my fix through limericks on loneliness

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