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The New Brutality Lyrics

They've got an army of accountants counting matchsticks
An arsenal of distraction tactics
They'll use our senses against us
Manipulating desire and consensus
They'll use guns, they'll use tear gas
I can hear the sound of boots on broken plate glass
We'll use song as inspiration
To be the rust in their machine is our intention

It's time

We've got to set it right, but these devils can't be fought with fists
Dissent, they want to shut it down
Just run your mouth, boy, you've made their list
Lie down, down with one eye open now
I know that sleep is the cousin of death

The hammer's swinging down, down, down
So fight back 'til your last breath
Fight back
Fight back
Fight back ??? fight back
Fight back
Fight back, man
Fight back
Fight back

You wonder why we always play it safe
Our comforts are tying us down, holding us back

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