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The New Shampoo Lyrics

The secret ingredient in the new shampoo
Is good enough for me and is good enough for you
You've done Head & Shoulders and you've done Selsun Blue
Now start washing your hair with the new shampoo

I see the pictures of young men just like me
Washing their hair being everything I want to be
I get excited seeing young men just like me
Becoming clean

Suckin' out the juice of the new shampoo
Now there's nothing left for me and there's nothing left for you
They had to do something now there's nothing left to do
It's the remarkable science of the new shampoo

I see the men in the locker rooms with me
Rinsing and toweling with such urgency
I see the men showering next to me
I'm becoming a queen

We've, we've come a long way

Running out of supplies of the new shampoo
They riding in Shanghai in Kalamazoo
So come on over give the Devil his due
'Cause he's the inventor of the new shampoo

Give me a mirror so I can finally see me becoming
Who I want to be
Now my hair is making a mockery
Of me

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