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The Story Of Aina Lyrics

Our setting is the peaceful land of Aina, a wondrous and prospering country with beautiful people. All had lived in happiness and sunlight for as long as anyone could remember or learn in history from far, far back in the ages. There had been only an echo of a rumour of a legend of an evil deity, and black, desperate souls living in a barren place of existence too far away to matter. Then suddenly one day, the Divinities sent down a warning to the Oracles. The three readers stood before their King, King Taetius Ainaen, aghast and ashen with the news of visions of violent and desolate scenes forthcoming in their lands. But the mighty King just laughed at their worries, reminded them they had never known anything but peace and prosperity. The Silver Maiden, Oria Allyahan, fairest in all of time and being was loved and adored by many, but namely in secret by Torek Ainaen, Prince and future King of Aindahaj. But Talon, brother of Torek, also pined for her affections unbeknownst to anyone in the land. On the very day that Torek was making arrangements and gathering up the courage to proclaim the fair Oria as his choice for future Queen, Talon happily announces that he Oria are deeply in love and are to wed ere the month's end. Torek goes to Oria, begging to know if it's true. She says that it is indeed, whereupon he professes his love, asking her to be his bride. She refuses, saying she loves Talon, not he, powerful though his position may be. Furious and heartbroken, Torek storms out of the Castle of Ainaen, never again to be seen. Filled with ever-blackening rage, Torek sets out and travels far beyond the known realms. He finally comes to rest in a forsaken land where a hideous breed of creature dwell: the Krakhôn. They immediately name him their Lord, as they believed in and worshipped the evil god Sorvahr, and believed him to look as Torek did upon his arrival; mean and bloated with the menacing power of hatred burning in his eyes. There they bore him gifts and build him a towering fortress of cold metal that sucked away warmth or beauty out of its surroundings. This new home he chose to nurse the great hatred growing within him, destined as his empire, he named Naschtok. As time goes by, his hatred mounts, along with his desire for revenge. And as his harted grows, his body swells to accommodate it and he becomes a great and evil beast of profound strength and terrifying menace, becoming unrecognizable to any who once knew and loved him as Torek, Prince of Aina. He becoms Sorvahr, god of blackness and destruction. He nurtures the grotesque and horrific Krakhôn, making of them a loyal army of deadly force. The day comes many years from when he dissapeared from Aina when he marches his armies there, destroying much and killing many, brutalizing and defiling his once beloved land and people. But his eye is on the Castle Ainaen, where his brother Talon now rules as King - and Oria. He storms the Castle, defeating Talon to a bloody heap on the floor and drags Oria out screaming, leaving their new-born daughter, Oriana, with her beloved and now lifeless King, Sorvahr leaves Aina, having his prize in his arms, and marches victoriously back to Naschtok. His army stays awhile longer to further torture and bring terror to those of the blessed land, but eventually withdraws back to the stench of Naschtok. Talon is tended to by the great healers and makes a full recovery, though his heart remains crushed and torn by his loss. He bids his kinsmen to take Oriana away into the foothills of the Mighty Mountains of Lucienne, as she is their last hope. She's given the name of Nalí to disguise her true identity as the Princess of Aina, and proves over the years to possess an incredible power and beauty even beyond her mother's, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Oria was taken back to Naschtom where she was raped by Toek again and again, and eventually bears him a son, given the name Syrius. He is raised to love destruction and war and hate the land and people of Aina, especially King Talon and the House of Ainaen. Oria is kept prisoner, barely able to keep her wits about her high above in the fortess of Naschtok. She is allowed out only to eat and to tutor Syrius, whom she loves despite the evil teachings of his father. She dreams of and longs for her land, her people, and her sweet Talon, mourning her loss of all of them. And on occasion, she is visited by Sorvahr, who whispers his cold desires in her ear and chills her to the bone. One day, Syrius is riding across the plains with a band of his sodiers when he comes to a lake at the foothills of Lucienne. There he sees a beautiful maiden bathing in the waters and bids her to come talk with him. The find much to say to one another, and make plans to meet the following day by the water. As their meetings continue, they grow fond of each other, each oblivious to the other's identity. Syrius finds a strange warmth growing in his chest where he only knows cold hardness, and the beautiful maiden feels confused by her feelings for this dark and mysterious taveler. Over time their meetings become more intense and the feel more and more of a connection between each other that neither fully comprehends, as though they were like souls destined for a like purpose. Finally, Syrius arrives late one evening, explaining that he's needed to make preperations for something monumental that is going to happen which will make him a powerful man indeed. A powerful man who needs a Queen to rule at his side. The maiden falls into his arms and they make love, and ever-darkening sky brooding above the,, and the tides of fate flowing their way. In the midst of this budding love, Sorvahr is planning another attack on Aina, as the Ainae are growing in strength and preperation for war against Naschtok. Messengers of the House of Ainaen are sent to the foothills of Lucienne, where it is announced that Nalí is needed to aid her father and people of Aina's last efforts for freedom to overcome the evil Sorvahr. Days before the armies of Naschtok are to march over the plains of Aina, Syrius goes to seek comfort in his love onle last time before they shall rule together. He fines, however, that she is not there and can find her nowhere. He is torn between the evil preparations of his father and sweetness and light he has known with his lovely maiden by the water. His mind is preoccupied and cunfused as he speeds back to his dark homeland to lead his father's forces to war on the land of the hated Aina, this time to rule completely and indefinitely occupy the land. Its people are ready for them, however, and led with a new hope in their hearts by the return and wonder of their Pricess Oriana, whose powers have grown to unimaginable strengths. As the armies of the House of Ainaen come to the borders of their land, headed by King Talon and the Princess Oriana, they meet oncoming Syrius and the demons of Naschtok. A confused Syrius sees his precious Nalí at the front of the defence of Aina and hals his company, holding up his hand in a token of parley. He suggests a meeting of leading commaders to perhaps come to a truce and seek some answers for his reeling mind. Sorvahr sees what is happening from afar and reaches his hand down out of the sky, crushing and killing his own son. His face appears in the swirling dark clouds, screaming to Oriana how dare she turn his own son away from him...and lover her own brother! Crouching down on the battlefield, cradling her dead love in her arms, who, she now realizes, was of her own blood, a sadness and wrath seals over her as she's never known before. A white light pours froth from her as she rises into the sky, singing a song of lament for all the people manipulated and attacked by the menace of Sorvahr. The purityof her own love and pity reached out across the distances to Naschtok, following the line of hate and dispair and destroying Sorvahr and all his evil. The Krakhôn flee, abandoning their weapons, retreating back from whence they came. The company of Aina march on to Naschtom to destroy what's left of the fortress and behold their victory. And lo! There emerges from the rubble the fair Silver Maiden Oria Allyahan Ainaen. The family of the House of Ainaen is reunited and peace is restored. The people of Aina emerger better, stronger, and more beautiful and full of love then ever before. Oriana is forever haunted by the revelation of prosperity, becoming the greatest Queen in all time.

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