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This Shit Right Here Lyrics

One quarter HRSMN, one quarter stallion offspring
You ain't half the man my bars been
The Carhartt King, molecules spin
As we sit by the river and peel caterpillar skin
Capricorn was the first one born
It wasn't long before Aquarius was warned about the meteor storm
I go to Area 51 with my fifteen-year-old son
Riffles and guns, tasers on stun
Gemini Janus, dream merchant dangerous
Doctor Doom's stainless faces locked behind cages
Frustrated with the Scorpio with Cancer crustaceans
Pacing back and forth from the basement to the bus station
Lock horns with Taurus and Ares
Big house on the prairie, various versions of the Virgo Mary
Vendetta, light as a feather, heavy go-getter
Libra lawyers writing me letters to sue me for my cheddar
Sagittarius statues, black Jews in white shoes
In hues of dark reds and bright blues
I'm a lion in the shade, I'm heavily sedated so I behave
Drink Pisces tea and eat fish eggs
But this shit right here got legs
Run you right off the edge, wake up in bed next to a horse head
We the HRSMN

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