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Tomorrows Just Too Late (Live) Lyrics

(live at Maxwell's in Hoboken - 01.05.07)

You drag your tired paw across

Your chapped & cracking lips

And open up a crimson slur

You spread each time you kiss

And the broken boy you bargin with

To turn back to the man

That you fell in love with once

But never saw again

Is he in there? do you think he drowned to death?

Well it's his decision to show this face again

So you grind your tired teeth

& curse the day that you were born

To a sunken line of irish wives a million miles long

Devoted to the suffering they're certain they deserve

A husband, a cross to bare,

Worry lines & a silver streak of hair

Comes too early, comes to steal your sainted youth.

But it's your decision to stay or else to move

& i'm not a man of faith, no holy ghost for me

But you wear a crusifix to broadcast your belief

And the god i've read about can't go where he's not asked to go

So you've got a choice to make

Save yourself, let him in or sit & wait

But you're waiting on a man who will not move.

So you must move for him and do what he can't do

This is worth it, the one life you can't change

I'm sorry sister but it has to be this way

I'm sorry sister but it's got to end this way

So stand up sister,

You've got albatrose to shake

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