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Trapped In The Closet Chapter 22 Lyrics

[O'Dale on speaker:] "Hello Saint you reached O'Dale and Murna, leave yo name and number
We'll get back to ya, and oh yeah God bless."
[Rosie on speaker:] "Randolph I told you to shut the hell up!"
"Murna, this is Rosie, call me back I gotta tell ya sumthin about the pastor"
[Randolph on speaker:] "Ole big mouth ass woman I shoulda never told yo ass that shit"
"Shut up!! Randolph shut up!!"
And now the rumour...
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello, Cathy?"
[Cathy:] "Gwendolyn, how ya doing girl?"
"Have you heard anything about this package?"
"What package girl tell me what'cha talkin bout?"
"Rufus, Rufus your husband the package, I overheard that he got the package."
"Where you hear that from?"
"I ain't try'na say no names but I heard it through the Grapevine... "
[Rosie:] "Yeah that's right the package Murna! I can't believe he got the package Murner!"
[Murna:] "Rosie are you sure about this?" "Yep" "Well tell me who told you this?"
[Randolph:] "I told her ass."
"Randolph get off the damn line!!!"
"Don't chu tell me to get off the line."
"Just get off the line!!--"
[Sylvester:] "Speak on it"
[Gwendolyn:] "Sylvester?"
"Hey baby, what's good?"
"We gotta talk."
"Baby lemme call you back in ten minutes."
"No Sylvester we gotta talk right now!"
"Okay, okay, what's going on?"
"Have you heard about this package?"
"Now Gwendolyn baby I know what'chu thinking, that wasn't no drug deal, that was just—"
"I'm not talking about that kind of package; I'm talking about the pastor"
"The pastor?--"
"Now listen to me--"
[Cathy:] "Sylvester this is Cathy I'm try'na get in touch with'chu
When you get a chance call me back, it's very important, here's my new number--"
[Sylvester:] "Gwen baby listen just calm down, I'm on my way. Hello?"
[Cathy:] "Hello Sylvester"
"Cathy what the hell is going on, and what's up with this rumor I'm hearing about some fucking package? "
"Na, na just calm down, I'm try'na figure it out myself, but I haven't talked to Rufus!"
"Yeah, yeah well you better call me as soon as you hear something else!" (hangs up phone)
[Officer:] "Chicago Police Department"
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello this is Gwendolyn for Sergeant James"
"Hold on, James you got a Gwendolyn on line 2"
[James:] "Hello?"
"Gwen, yesterday you said we were through."
"Yeah we are, but I think there is something that I outta tell you"
"Yeah what is that?"
"I got a friend named Cathy, who slept with Sylvester, now Cathy got a husband; he's a pastor, slept with a guy name Chuck."
"What the fuck?--"
[Sylvester:] "Yeah what up Tawn?"
[Tawn:] "Sylvester I heard on the radio about this muhfucking pastor and talkin 'bout he got the package!!"
"I know."
"Man I will bust a cap—"
"Calm yo ass down nigga this is a pastor we talking about. And besides nigga you ain't even got no gun
Now call me back." (hangs up phone)
[Lady on phone:] "Dixie's (Bridget cries) I said Dixie's"
[Bridget cries:] "This is Bridget, and I would like to speak to Big Man."
"Just hold on honey. Hell is wrong with her? Big Man! Big Man! Telephone!"
[Big Man:] "Who is it?"
"Some hussy"
"Big Man?"
"Bridget is that you?"
"Yes... I got sumthin to tell you."
"Well... it's hard to explain."
"Bridget talk to me"
"It's hard to explain--"
[Pimp Lucus:] "Yeah Bishop Craig I tell a hoe like this 'I don't need'cha bitch I'll let the welfare feed'cha
Ya understand what I'm sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa saying
Hold on Pimp got a ph-ph-ph, phone ca-ca-call... Hello... Hey b-bitch... Who when and where got what?
The p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package..."

[Characters talk in the background as song fades]

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