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Trippin' Lyrics

Chorus:trippin in any city county town or zip code interstates highways byways backroads the skylines twinklin pretty but still look dark pushin evil outta these borders and tell it to depart

V1:examining actions of slaves satisfaction in a circle of snakes where saints are a small fraction
cover my ears and can still hear the fall happenin i'm body battlin' saddlin' up to keep travelin' and you are my inspiration many emotions mangle my meditation and every time i spit i keep tastin soul preservation link with the lord for some life renovation
i keep reservations for conversation its hard to harm the lord's well-armed bomb of none denomination a simple servant out here sickin sevens on the nation my camp or coalition cold crash your congregation we tandin in the light eternal life is what we facin and aint nothin ajacent cant nothin replace the man every time i say amen i feel like im trippin


v2:hear the cries from famined cities where crime and crumble the streets where heat waves seek and earthquakes shake the territory. i see my man on the block that goes anywhere where the wind just may blow. downtown in the middle of night neon light brights where there's no windows. gang bangs with gun and chains until their brains hang out then pick another gang so they can claim they clout. its where the worth of young youth is getting skewed and reduced theyve been handed the wronog juice and straight lost their innocence. fatherless dealing with rage they fight to escap the shame. finger pointin ignites the blame inner bitterness begins to flame. not seeing beyond the hood life is automatically lackin, demons of death on desolate blocks and they feenin for destiny's jackins'. but the news is marvelous we can start repairing the streets, christ came to destroy the works so you could start repairing the streets. and he's lookin fo people presenting and ultimatum to evil, threatening lethal. either leave or simply get drawn off of the easel.

Chorus x2

we gon get it gone we gon get it gone now x 4

Chorus x 2

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