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Unicorn Horn Mounted Lyrics

You take my third eye
My magical cone of bone
What you don't have by right
You steal
Beauty loses
When the big game hunter chooses
To mount it on a plaque
It cannot be glued back
It's on a plaque in his den
And you're drinking cognac when
His associates come in

"Oh, I say! How did you acquire that unicorn horn?"
The big game hunter says
"It was force, my new shoo-in
By a well-paid subordinate game hunter
I did not kill the animal
So no harm done (no harm done)

"But did she, did she try to run?"
"Oh, to be sure
But I put a lure in a trap
She kept coming back
They say it doesn't hurt the animal"

But now look at me
I ride a pathetic and broken down pony
With a gorey wound on my face
'Tis useless to think I could have been
Swifter, smarter, more clever
For I could not have escaped

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