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Urine Facewash Lyrics

Twelve gallons of urine right in your face.
Yet you cry for more but my cock now spits blood.
Your lust for my human Champagne's nice to see.
Your big mouth is the best bowl for me to pee.
Open it wide and swallow it swine.
And beg once again to taste my private wine.
I'll beat you to death if you turn you head.
The liquid divine must be appreciated.
Urine Facewash. You feel it on your cheeks.
Feel the hot stream rushing down your neck.
You spread it all over your breasts.
This pretty sight pleases me as I cum on your hair.
You're beautiful.
You're my urea babe honey.
My bladder goddess in wet pants.
You're the one to love the real
way. I'll give you my heart but now take this.
An energy drink delivery. Close your eyes an say "Aaaaah".
A free urine giveaway.
The best gargling will win...
In the name of Gagnahon I curse you to be sacrificed on the altar of piss Savour the bliss...

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