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When I Fall Lyrics

How can I find you, are you hiding or am I
Should I go or should I wait for a sign
Following your voice, walking through a desert night
Looking for a silent storm in the sky
And I stand in my emotion, and I let it be my own
'Cause I know I'm not forsaken
And I'll never be alone

When I fall, when I fall
I know where I'll be landing
When I fall, when I fall
You will still be standing

Somewhere in the silence, I can hear your broken voice
Like a radio station fading out of range
Somewhere in the crowd, from the corner of my eye
I thought that I could feel you walking by
And when I get this feeling, like I am not so strong
I still can feel You with me
Yeah, You've been there all along

Somewhere I'm alone, won't You take my empty hands
And fill them with Your love
Won't You take me as I am

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