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When I'm Not There Lyrics

All night long
Ghosts with snakes
Stare at the ceiling as if there was somebody there

I start to wonder
what's he do when I'm not there
'Cause I've been calling
But i stopped hearing from my friends
did you think I'd forget?

Twist my words every time
Lie all along and you know I won't know it's a lie
And I remember what you said when I was there
It never happened like the way you said it did
Did you think I'd forget

(whoa oh oh oh oh)

I thought I saw you
Outside my window last night
It's lucky for you
A shadow fled from the flashlight
I'll have to wonder how you look without your teeth
The hollow smile
You keep your tongue inside your cheek
I never loved you
I never trusted you at all
The stars above you
Are shining down upon us all
I hope you never forget

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