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When The World Was Young Lyrics

It's been a long and amazing time, how it's wasted is such a crime
And the stories we heard still echo in the distance
Filled with promises and pain, we had everything to gain
But the pride that comes before a fall is with us

Lights are on and nobody's home, we've gone from color to monochrome
Like some faded photograph with ghostly faces
Whether enemy or a friend, it's the message that we send
We will never change without until we change within

Back when the world was so young (when the world was young)
To the day when the first song was sung (when the world was young)
We chose our own way to black, white or gray
When the world was young

Are we learning from the past or has it all been already cast
Who can change the course of a war against all reason
There was one prevailing wind and we said we've got to make a stand
And now the barrier's between us for a treason

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