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Where I'm From Lyrics

I'm a B-L-double-O-D
Been on songs with S-N-double-O-P
Inside a Ferrari with the D-are-E
Run up I let it sing like Nate D-O-double-G
Walk through 8 Mile, G-Unit's on my feet
Got a cherry lowrider in the N-why-see
Eve took me to Philly, never been to the pen
Been to Uptown with 50, seen niggas in Timbs
I done seen Young Buck scuff Air Force Ones
in Cashville, but Compton is {where I'm from}
Where it's just me, my son, and my bitch
She graduated when Notorious B.I.G. dropped "Me & My Bitch"
She get them birds past, I put her in first class
And tell her to carry on that Duni and Burke bag
She from Grape Street, she know how to work the mag
And only buy white tees, tell 'em to keep the purple tags
Cause the laces in my Chucks keep the beef crackin'
I lay niggas out like creased khakis
In that G-wagon, lean like the 23's draggin'
I got the whole N-why-see saggin'

If you don't know
(Aftermath, nigga witta attitude) (Game time niggas, Westside)
Where I'm from
(Nigga witta attitude) (Straight Outta Compton) (We rock khakis and Chucks)
If you don't know
(Almost lost my life when Dre dropped The Chronic) (Legend in the making)
Where I'm from
(Aftermath, you better watch your colors in the City of Angels)

Y'all niggas got it fucked up
What you thought cause I'm from Compton I couldn't do numbers like Usher?
Platinum certified, nigga that's a mill' plus
Play both sides of the fence cause the Crips feel 'cause'
See me ridin with Nate, nigga it's still Blood
You can see-walk to this, homey it's still love
Nigga I've been bangin since Mary J. did "Real Love"
(If you don't know) I painted the Rover black
The West coast is back, I can smoke to that
Moms got the CL-6, that's a fact
I bought the house, I'm just waitin' on the platinum plaques
Niggas lookin' for a cat to jack
Homey I'm willin' to do two life sentences back to back
So please don't push me
You niggas is W-N-B-A, all pussy

[Chorus: x2]

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