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Where The Cash At? Lyrics

Taylor Gang
I hear a beat and..
Taylor Gang that (x3) you need your black chuck T's for this one
Taylor who?
Taylor Gang that (x3) It's your man, Star power WHAT!
Taylor what?
Taylor Gang that (x3) Wiz Khalifa
Taylor Who?
Taylor Gang that (x3) Umm lets do it.

You say you gotta 9, gotta k, gotta mac,
I got a bitch with fake tits, my name on her back
She cooks she cleans for me
Stays with the strap, so a nigga act up, playin games it's a wrap

My pockets gordo you ain't saying nothin, like a nigga with no back you lames stay frontin, stay frontin..
Thought you were shining but what happened? That shit aint georias niggas only just rappin

Where the cash at, where the stash at? You babysittin that blunt nigga pass that
Shorti got a cute face and her ass fat, if she rides good dick call her nasdaq

Ya the boy got bank roll, Taylors on the feet smoke sweets buy the case load
Bankroll, bankroll the boy got bankrolled, pockets on swoy like the BM's ankle

And I look young but my money is way grown
And my blunt is thick like I'm eatin an eggroll
Niggas sound hard when they be on a song but under pressure yall fold like a knee or an elbow haha

Hear yall talking, aint saying nothing, see yall shopping, ya aint buying nothing,
I'm sicker than anyone I've been compared with, cause yall ain't coming close I'm in the air, BITCH!

Taylor Gang that (x3) YEAH, its Khalifa man
Taylor who?
Taylor Gang that (x3) It's Star power, Mr Spacely
Taylor what?
Taylor Gang that (x3) What up Taylor Gang, when you see that yellow P, ahaha you know its me!
Taylor Gang that (x3)
Star power, its star year, what up to the whole Taylor Gang?

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