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Wild Out Lyrics

Eeeeh, Eeeeh
Ooh, Ooh
Eeeeh, Eeeeh
Got alot of booty in your pants
And you got alot got alot of booty in your pants[x7]
And you got enough.....

Wild out (wild out)
Party! (party)
______ ________?
Booty! (booty)
Wild out (wild out)[x4]

Yea lil'mama don't be scared up when they told my crunk ain't dead. ___________________??

Bring it up slow and drop it down
Make that ass go round and round
Jiggle it ,wiggle it, drop it low, take it low ,to the flo'
Dont you stop girl dont u quit
I love the way you work that shit
The money you get? ____________________
Don't try a nigga who are you fucking with?
Spread them pussy lips?
Bend over to the front girl roll them big ol' hips
You know what im talkin' bout, i wanna see you (woah , woah!)

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