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Winter Takes Fall Lyrics

Today I left my house in shorts
But now I'm having second thoughts
Something's not the same
The wind just called my name

So I stop to look around
Maybe it was just sleight of sound
It's just me and my bare knees
Powerlines and trees

But one hint is more than enough
It starts with a sniffle and a cough
When posters have stopped falling off my wall
The winter takes fall

All of these past regrets
Are faded signs of missing pets
It's time for moving on
Everyone else has gone

Eyes a red pattern like the labyrinthine streets of Cairo
Feeling as used as a bank biro
My cylinder inside
Has dried

Warmer months I'm more at home
It's easier to be alone
Why don't I just pick up the phone and call?
The winter kills fall

And all of these fledglings that you've found
And given homes
Will hunger for the new
And colourful

A signal from your eyes could save me
They shone like car keys to a baby
Should I settle for romance?
Or practice disco dance

These gatherings are fraught with dangers
The conversation chops and changes
I wish us away in our mangers
A crowded room but total strangers all
The winter takes fall

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