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Wrong Night Lyrics

I set my mind to it, said I wasn't gonna do it
No how, No Sir, No Way.
I wouldn't give my heart up, gonna keep my guard up
And Save for it another day

Then You walked in, with that crazy grin
And everything I swore before...
Got lost in your eyes and flew right out the door.


Suddenly I heard love songs
Playing real soft on the jute box
Somebody order up a moonlight,
And painted stars all across the sky.
Is it gravity or destiny?
Either way, theres nothing I can do
Looks like I picked the wrong night
Not to fall in love with you

I briefly resisted, but my heart insisted,
It was gonna be giving in.
Hard as I was trying, there was no denying,
Which one of us would win.

You came up beside me
And asking if I'd be open to have a dance.
Right then I knew,
This thing was out of my hands.


Aww looks like the wrong night not to fall in love with you.

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