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Young Pimp Lyrics

(feat. Katt Wiliiams)

[Money Mike: talking]
Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin' in it
Ladies and gentlemen, pimps, and hoes, and bitches of all ages
This is your host Money motherfuckin' Mike
Right outside ICEE Records right here in Chicago
These niggaz is pimpin' at 18 and I'm here to tell you
I'm an eye motherfuckin' witness, this nigga ain't bullshittin'
If you don't believe me, listen for yourself.

[White Boy]
Let me hip you the game, bitch
Take a glimpse of the chain, bitch
Look at the rims on the Range, trick biatch
I'm not ya average pimp I keep a, nice chick bouncin' on my white dick
They like to get it twice quick cause I got the magic stick, so I hope your focused
I grind with my rhyme call me hocus pocus, to play me's hopeless
And I lately know this
I'm a paper rollin', and these Yanks they know it
White Boy hate this Oman, but I avoid the po-pos
Put some more loyal hoes on
Trick suck a nigga dick quick 'til his dope gone
And that's fo' sho', I won't ask for mo'
Stop actin' hoe, give me my cash and go
Oh!, you didn't know, pimp in my blood bitch
It's a gift from above, Yeah

[Hook: Katt Williams (White Boy)]
Y-O-U-N-G (When you see me in the club baby show me some love, nigga what?)
P-I-M-P (Got the game on lock, in these streets on the don-dada, yeah)
Y-O-U-N-G (Fuck these hoes up man with the Icey ring that bling-blang)
P-I-M-P (Holla at me Young Pimp White Boy I'ma do the damn thing)

[White Boy]
Mack a Don, awaited by G-straps and thongs
Top notch nigga these facts is known
Keep rats, hit 'em wit' a free pack, you don't
Holla' back while I count G stacks alone
O's atro blow like three saxaphones
Ask ya hoe who track she on (White Boy)
Now I'm ridin' on chrome, slidin' by ya home
Lookin' fresh as the bio-dome, trick what!


[White Boy]
You can call me Deuce, you can me you
You can call me Luke, the 3000 Snoop
More chicks than Nelly, drinkin' rounds'a juice
We talkin' shit like ass when ya bowzers movin'
We got, pounds is movin' out of town in Houston
Plus we got sluts that'll set you up, stick a lame for his dust
Cain and clut, we got hoes that's all out dangerous
Tape you up leave ya neck with a razor cut
Man I don't get it, you niggaz so different
You niggaz po-pimpin' , gettin' no bitches
When ya hoe won't go tell her go get it
And that's the truth, this is somethin' that a mack would do
I'm tellin you, not askin' you
And if you fuck with my money then I'll have to shoot
Cause I'm rough out here and I'm after loot, nigga


[Money Mike]
Ay, welcome back, we're here at the all pimps, all day, all the time network
I am your host as usual Money motherfuckin' Mike
I saw one of these niggaz with spinner hubcaps, what part of the game is that
Got to get out your car and spin them bitches manually, I mean this is ridiculous


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