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Your World Lyrics

Damn you, die with me now, you say this to me once more
Never to be, we find nothing else

So damn you, broken you lie; broken your creed,
I hate you. I'll never believe these dreams where you're shining.

See, I seek, I seek for where you've gone
The water where you drown, the grave that you belong to

Deep, so calm my peace under the ground
I'm sure I wouldn't stay in your world much longer.

Damn you, shut empty eyes, you won't face truth here,
Not me! How could you try, to feel my regret, but

Never, no more disguises nothing to hide,
I drag it, down to the ground.
I won't come back to light

See, I'm free, so come to me, up here
Now we are both so near to what we did appeal for

Deep, within I still will not believe
No secret of your truth you never can reveal, no.

[by Grigorii Petrenko]

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