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Beyond The Silence Lyrics

Beyond the silence I’ll cry your name
I’ve always been a prisoner behind my eyes
The reassuring fifter that let ‘s pass only what it wants
A thousand times I’ve tried to leave myself to find the truth
One day will the carpet of flowers be pollenated by unnamed steps
Then you came I was waiting for you, if only you knew howmuch
You attracted the bees which pollenated the flowers.

Through your eyes, your voice, your kind of life the world is changing In your eyes I m not looking for myself
I’m not looking for anything everything’s explained it ‘s all so easy
I feel like a peblle on the bich that the sea has finally released
Drouned for so long in the doubt which only passed a little light and
many troubles
Here I’m in front of you lit from everywhere
Here I’m in front you, lit from everywhere
Now I feel acrop wind which caresses me with its fragrance
No longer will I spend my days in vain conquets from gliding time
For ages I have wanted these feasts, a smile on your face
the joys in your eyes
There were so many ways to run to the pale sundays of november
Like now to the birthdays of our childhood
Beyond the silence I’ll cry your name
Beneath the oceans we ‘ll fly away
The clay of the ways will rise up itself
The dead houses will be alive provide you’re in them
In the empty sunken shiping in a flood of love
I won’t fal asleep on your beast
I’ll stay awake

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