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I Figured Out How I Feel About You Lyrics

So I walked into the bank and I gave the teller a note

I said, "Fill this bag up with cash or I'm gonna slit your throat"

I thought for sure my plan would fail and I would end up in jail

But much to my surprise she complied with a smile

So I stepped up to the sunny city street and I realized

That my getaway driver got away without me

So I'd have to walk home, all alone on my own,

With this big gym bag full of money that I stole

And the streets were filled with cops and thugs

So I couldn't let on how happy I was

I couldn't let 'em know what I had done

I had to walk real slow even though I wanted to run

I wanted to run

See, at the time I was running low on hope

I was at the end of the end of the end of my rope

And I was down on my luck, so I couldn't give a fuck,

Something made me think I should try to rob a bank

And maybe that my face would finally be in the paper

The reporter would mention that I was a singer

And the people would want to hear my troubled songs

They'd send me letters in jail tellin' me how they liked them

And I wouldn't worry about bein' set free

It'd be enough knowin' that people listened to me sing

And on the day I was eventually released

There'd be so many people waitin' out there to meet me

To meet me

Well that was autumn and I walked through the winter

Now it's spring, no, it's nearly summer

And my feet are tired and my hands are so cold

But I'm almost home, just a few blocks to go

But what awaits me there? I do not know

Will there be FBI guys waiting at my door?

Or will the coast be clear? When I finally make it there

After all of this walkin' I don't know if I care

But it would be so nice to open up the door and to step inside

To throw this bag down on the floor

And not have to worry about it anymore

And I would feed the cat and I would check the mail

Call up all of my friends and tell'em that I'm not in jail

Tell 'em sometimes it's worth all the chances you take

And start thinkin' about all the smoothies that I'm gonna make

That I'm gonna make

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