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Musical Journey Lyrics

Now as I rise from the underground destinations unknown
Like a feather, goin wherever the wind is blowin'
Music is my transportation my tank is full,
My alter egos on production providing the fuel
My school of thought is elementary bringin it back to basics
Lacing the cuts like surgeons givin hiphop a facelift
The formula's this: raw beats for consumption
With more dope lines than Scarface equals combustion
Burning competition, when Keros on the scene
I fuel flames to burn emcees with more degrees than PhDs
Still, the unidentified object, mics I spark it
Providin light like Christ to guide the lost out of darkness
Orally deadly leaving my teeth with cavities
Drop science like Galileo as foes fall like gravity
I'm flippin concepts conscious like Confucius
So twist your thinking caps to the side and ride the music

Now that you know a bit about me, its time we dig deeper,
Got my Seoul from Korea, names Kero nice to meet you
Spare time I tag trains and get brain dead from my Nokia
And when planets align, I write rhymes for nonbelievers
Flipping pages like beepers, but in Meads and Trapper Keepers
Filled with these rhymes I wrote in front of my boring teachers
And for a breather I'd smoke refer at recess for leisure
Blunts burned, till I learned it made my mind weaker
Flippin freestyles ciphers from morning to noon
Coming of the top like bras on honeymoons
Yeah the good old days, when everything was new
Lounging with crew, pounding brews, we'd seldom sing the blues
Spending all day flippin skate boards on pavement
Who woulda of thunk, a chunk of wood could make poor kids famous
And I'm sayin things are changing, enjoy the ride
With the creator on my passenger side I will survive
As I reminisce on this journey from adolescence
God gives me the gift of today I call the present
I said God gives me the gift of today?

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