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Summon Up The Strength Lyrics

See your shadow she hasn’t followed you for such a long time
She left to follow another sun somethings broken in the depth
of you Eternal Twins !

She ‘s gonna rock the walls of Jericho
But if you want to, you will bring them down - Glory to you !
If you walk from now on all alone, under the middays ‘s sun
May be you don’t need her
Summon up your strenght go on ahead
And you ‘ll catch her up
Please walk hand in hand , you always drive faster and faster
You ‘ll come a cropper
There you’re sure you ‘ll get out of it
She will be at the rendez-vous she will be there
L’aughing to see you being dragged through the mud
She ‘ll do her best so you stay on the ground
She herself drops you will you be helped and praise to the sky ?
Remember we all were
Remember we all were wich you
Dancing the same old dance together
Now everybody has his own fame and dances
If you keep on letting the years fall by .
I will stay the same
Rock and Roll, we love you !
Rock and Roll we need you !
Keep on rocking let’s dance all together
Be yourself and sing us your song

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