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Try Lyrics

Every night I, I lay inside my bed and dream
I wonder if I ever meant anything
And to your love, I know that you hurt me so bad and I
'Cause I will try


But still I try, I try
But I, I wont succeed
Cuz Everyday Away From You, Is One Away From Me
And I'd give my life, if I had to say goodbye
But still I try

I'm watching, I'm waiting
I'm wondering what's your move
What is and I'll be, what you wanted me to
And if I closed my eyes would I
See you smiling back at me
But I will try


and if I dream again, maybe I'll pretend
that you listen, im missin'
all this time with you or without you
and if you walked away, my skies turning gray
And I know you, I show you
I tried it all, and now that its for real


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