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Waterfall Lyrics

If I walk away, would it be the same
If I was afraid, could I find a way
If you fall through my hands like a beach full of sand
Would you still understand what I say

You shower me with love and I wonder why
Storms are up above swimming in my mind
I feel like I'm choking, diamonds are broken
And falling around me like rain

Waterfall, waterfall
Oh waterfall, just take it all away

Blowing with the wind driven round the bend
Closer to the edge, time to breathe again
But there's no explanation, no real invitation
I feel my creations are dead

So get out while you can, leave behind the senseless
Get out while you can, while you've got the strength
I'm losing direction with so many questions
That leave me no answers again

Take me out and wash me down
Hold me under watch me drown
Oh inside the waterfall

Time to breathe again, time to breathe again

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