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Worldhunt Lyrics

Defender of life
Invade and dominate
Destroy at will
Butchers of life
Possessed by paranoia
And the will to survive
Lash out at all deifiers, invaders
The ones who challenge us
The world apart

Intolerant forces unite

Roaming intruders, marauders, sinners
Conquerors of emperors, manipulators
Submit to the force of a thousand nations
No one will stand before us

No one will win
The worldhunt begins
Blood flows from sea to sea
Global collapse

Butchers of life
Disintegrating all
Kill or be killed
Intolerant force unite

What makes them think
That they'll live forever?
Soon they will know when dakrness descends

The ones that they follow can't help them now
Destruction reigns, nuclear fallout, chemical rain
The world now dies, every one pays for eternal mistakes
Now this is the end

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