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Beloved Lyrics

Once upon a midnight sky, the darkness calls my name. From this day forth the calling will prevail eternal. Let this be the last time that you come for me, as we become one. I can't envision the temptation of turning back. There is so much more to give now than there once was, yet it seems as if time grows ever so slowly. The severance is to me as fire is to the damned. What i desire most has been buried awau with the time that has come and gone. The repitition has become all i feel. There is no comfort in desolation, but only in the sweet scent of life. No solace is found in the arms of the deceitful. Now i must thirst for what brings life to us all. Consuming blackness, i am the unseen. Knowing that this is what kiss, i will destroy. A breath that will endure, a kiss that shall be your last. Hunting in search of satisfying a taste for my life - to save you the pain. Forcing my presence to be but a mere shadow cast upon your sweet cheek. Become one with me. Follor me and together we can exist in the shadow of gloom. Conceal ourselved from the light and rest until we must breathe again when the nighttime calls. To reconcile the thoughts for the beloved, we must give in to the taste. To the taste. We must give in. To the taste. For we are alone to torment the fucking souls of the mortal flesh, and bound by the everlasting taste.

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