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Erelong Lyrics

Sincerely forgotten and left behind
To be broken and held to surrender
Weary and useless, I become oblivious
And secretly programmed to suffer,
I fall through the arms of love
To crumble. to be crushed.
With this passing moment in time,
There was an everlasting memory
If I speak, will you remember?
Will you try to forget?
It was for you that I chose this dream.
It was for you that I made this real
The silence speaks to me.
Hearing the deafening cry. My will solidifies
Gasping for breath
I will arise. I will become.
Beckon me with your grace
Rise up and shield. Give strength to my weakness.
The leaves will fall
Tonight. The leaves that fall are those we adore.
The air will open our eyes.
Tonight, we dance our longest dance
Oblivious - we are crushed.

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