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Lights, Camera, Action Lyrics

(Remy Talkin)

(Verse 1:)
Here i am standin in my b-boy stance
i got my name air brushed down the leg of my pants
i got my 54 letters and my kangol on
bamboo earrings and my bangles on
Word up, the girl look good
imma 80's baby, paid an full
look at my rope chain
now check my belt buckle
put my gazelles on my eyes, now im lookin for trouble
i need a Solider thats stackin an packin, we cant even talk if u cant fit a magnum
im fresh to deaf when it comes to fashion, see i,
switched up to my 8 ball jacket and my spandex got me stoppin trafic, baby, not for nuttin imma walkin accident
they catch whiplash, everytime im passin em
its time for some, time for some,time for some....

Niggaz bring ya gunz and ya 9'z along
Remy Mas on the microphone....
the levels,the levels,the levels is good,the levels is good, the levels is good
Bitchez bring ya gunz and ya 9's along
Remy Ma's on the Microphone
the levels,the levels,the levels is good,the levels is good, the levels is good

(Verse 2:)
Yea, Remy wanna rock, how hard is that, im from tha BX bronx, where it started at
we had jams in the park, muthafuck a disco,everybody smokin joints, sippin cisco
Two turn tables and tha microphone full throtle, ill pull up in that Alf or a Mayo Malano,system bangin, drivin reckless, like i dotn give a fuck about
my B-B-S's YO check this
I hopped out wit my ass cheeks showin through my salt n peppers
Only got one chance to make a first impression, Spit like Big Pun & KRS one Mixxed!
My Flows sick but its more then Rappin, First chick try to front
First chick im smackin, on some Red man shit, Bitch i aint laughin
Its time for some, time for some, time for some

(Chorus 1x)

(Verse 3:)
Big Rem from the Boondocks, im like all i really need is my Boom-Box,
listen, we can get it poppin, im doin the wop and he 1,2 steppin like there aint no stoppin
all my fellas say OH, my ladies say Awe, yea Mc's gone move the crowd, im fuckin dope, fresh 2 def, cold, chillin and im sippin on juice and gin
its friday night and i jus got paid, i aint dressed up or nuttin im trynna get laid, im trynna get shorty ova there wit tha fade, by the end of the night
to say my name, but these LIGHTS is all in my face,and im really feelin like im a star on stage, Cameras flashin, everybody pose, cause its about time for

(Chorus 1x....then fade)

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