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Live At 90.3 '94 Lyrics

This is gonna be a little bit more menacing- check it out, check it out
You know, its cool if fools is on the vibe, but when they're not
You know what I'm saying... I mean

Imagine Lateef
Squaring off against MC Who-Gives-a-Fuck
And just give him the buck
So he can pass it type flow
Kind of passing no skills to speak of
Nor command and commend cause the truth he's bending
Lying like a wall to wall rug
In the ending he just be acting like your long lost friend
If you conversing try explaining it's a shame you don't spend
With meeting some type of famous person to be
Instead of brushing up on freestyle techniques
I see smiles appearing on faces that them they
Peeping understand the truth I speak
Bave em unleash the shit is deep out six feet
Some seek security in sleep
Cause in they eyes tapping their heels talking about I know this ain't defeat
But it's only his own perception affected by misconception everyone else
Detecting the self, deception chill tecks flex
It's ammunition for the lessons expressions off lookers grill shoot
Just whose skills it is in question
Told ya won't have to ask I kill without discretion at times
With interjections disrespecting when agitation with hesitation leaves room
The calculating the brother's decapitation
Heads must be basing, contemplating they could equal my station
I'm at some other elevation where revelations is commonplace
If it was just a drop of flavor you was tasting
Not a selection collection
I'd still be incinerating your extra sensory perception
Watch your third eye widen due to rough penetration

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