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Love Em Or Hate Em Lyrics

(feat. Ca$his)

[Verse 1: Young Hot Rod]
Man that nigga talking crazy, go get him
I'm a hit the club you text me when you get him
Bitches, yeah I love em, I don't hit em I pimp em
My checks are only cooked on one side so I flip em (haha)
Throw em on the griddle, my money's in the middle
Keep my mind on the money so my mind is in the middle
I'm chilling, I'm killing all these niggas on tracks
Like a candle, I got fire so I put it on wax
Fat lace's chucks, grease in the khaki's
I'm pumping Makaveli while you pumping Laffy Taffy
Funny ass niggas, no hoes and no bread
I'm stacking my green while you all up in the red
Nigga yeah! Real G's I see none, everybody C walks
But as soon as they see guns they see run
I just begun, y'all are reruns
You got a boyfriend, cool, just watch his teeth fall

[Chorus: x4]
If I don't love em I hate em, If I don't hate em, I love em
Homie if they don't love me, shit man I'm like fuck em

[Verse 2: Ca$his]
It's Ca$his
I don't trust in no one, I'm the one I'm busting, they running
With no discussion, I'm headbussing, they hunting me cousin
I'm a boss I ain't stuntin', they cop a world one the runyons
Have soldiers, King Mathers, I'm Shady or nothing!
I got grams in my granny kitchen, they pass in the oven
I can't lie, but you punk niggas ain't ridin' for nothing
Sixty blunts that I'm bluntin' on daily basis I'm puffin'
Till my lungs is black, it's Shady clan, who run it?
See this middle finger, you will die slow in my stomach
You see this cementery in my fist, tell me who want it?
If I said it I meant it, when I live it I spit it
But tell the cops I don't know nothing about or who did it
I'm ridin' when I get up, then Ca$h will flip crtics,
My vendetta forever I'm fucking hoes with a vengeance
I'm the one and I'm with it, you hated since the begginning
But can't dispute it, I'm well known as one of the realest

[Chorus: x4]
If I don't love, I hate em, if I don't hate em I love em
Homie if they don't love me, shit man I'm like fuck em

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