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Ooh Aah Lyrics

Oh, say you like it freaky,
I lay your body down right there!
I swear I'm talking about, yeah!
You're making the...
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
But I really wanna hear is you say
Ooh aah, ooh aah!
I won't stop until I hear that ooh aah sound!
You can keep me on...

Rose on the ..I'mma kill that pussy, call me OJ on the run!
Hell, I'mma do my...
Yeah, she... Kicki, that she wanna meet me,
First he get on top of she, riding like she's Sissi!

So down, baby, easy!
Like... she wants Sissi, so I bet she may like her ... artist say no...
That boy... hoping like...
Plus she's running like Fiji,
I'm hungry, baby come feed me!

Say you like it freaky,
(Lay your body down right there!)
I swear I'm talking about
(You're making the clich

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