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Said I'd Show You Lyrics

Said I'd show you how to move it
Come on over let me prove it
Sexy movin' to the music
We got all nite come for the ride
Guess you thought that you could teach me
Pick a date and come and meet me
Let me service you completely
A late nite drive till the mouring light

See I knew it from the start when you caught my eye
You're the kind of girl who knows what she wants and why
Just that special type, with that different vibe
Overheard a conversation a couple friends
Said that you've been askin' questions again and again
What you worried about, there's no need for the doubt
I'm askin' you out


Well I guess you're satisfied with my resume
Cuz I heard you've been requestin' my company
Girl don't hesitate, (don't you dare, no)
Let's just set this date
Anything that u desire girl I will provide
Gonna treat you like a queen service u all night
Gonna take my time, gonna do u right
When the moon's up high we'll ride into the sky


You are the one I'm serchin' for
Everything I've been asking for and more
You oh I'm needin' you yeah, oh

Baby take this journey with me
Flying with no wings feelin' free
I'll be your perfect lover
There's no limit when it feels like it's meant to be

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