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Settin' By The Fire Lyrics

Ev'ryone says I'm lazy
And it suits me to a tee
'Cause if ev'ryone knows I'm lazy
They won't expect so much from me

Never had no ambition
To be called a millionaire
So I never waste my time wishin'
In the good ol' rockin' chair

Settin' by the fire
With my hound dog by my side
He ain't got no pedigree
But I like him and he likes me

Nothin' to worry about
Unless the doggone fire goes out
Then I throw on a log for me and my dog
Settin' by the fire

Some people's cravin' keeps them a-slavin'
And savin' ev'ry dollar bill
And then when they're buried, the kids all get married
And start to fightin' over the will

But I don't have to grieve
About the dough I'm goin' to leave
Ain't got a dime to bother my mind
Settin' by the fire

Holes in my britches don't need no stitches
Unless the weather switches 'round
And then when it's breezy, I take it easy
'Cause that's a good excuse to sit down

I need lots of rest
I must've been born tired, I guess
But we'll make it up, me and my pup
Settin' by the fire

Settin' by the fire

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