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That Dame I Left Behind Me Lyrics

My grandad said he sang this song to the girl he left behind him
He kissed her brow and made a vow he swore would always bind him
'Twas in the days when girls were shy and corsets, wigs, and bustles
But how they've changed as the years went by to slacks, sarongs and muscles

I thought of that song not long ago as the parting tears did blind me
And the lipstick smeared all over my face, I left it there to remind me
She swore without me she would die, as her loving armed entwined me
And I never knew she winked her eye at the guy who stood behind me

I got aboard a battleship to sail the mighty ocean
And I thought my uniform would rip, so full of love and devotion
I swore I'd win this war alone, if that job were assigned me
Then a hero, I would sail back home to the dame I left behind me

I got myself so durn pepped up, I went to see the captain
I wish that I had known right then just what was 'bout to happen
For in the room I saw a sight I thought would surely blind me
On the captain's desk was a picture of that dame I left behind me

The captain's face lit up with pride and he spoke to me so kindly
"Young man," he said, "You're looking at the girl I left behind me"
I couldn't help but smile and say, "Blest be the ties that bind us"
As I handed him my picture of that dame we left behind us

The first time I went home again I saw my old grandaddy
And I asked him 'bout that vow he made when he was just a laddy
He said the sorrow on my face, it surely did remind him
That gals ain't changed a dad blam bit from the one he left behind him

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