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The Story Of Jitterbug Joe Lyrics

Let me tell ya 'bout a boy I know
The folks all called him Jitter-bug Joe
He was long and lean and thin
And he didn't have a lot of whiskers on his chin
His hair was slick as a horse's mane
It shone like a headlight on a train
Life to him was bo-do-dio
This kid called Jitter-bug Joe

His high school grades were awful
And they never did improve
But when it come to dancing
He could do the boogie woogie and be right in the groove
He took first prize at the county fair
For dancin' longer than anyone there
But he'd go to sleep on the end of a hoe
This kid called Jitter-bug Joe

The old town gossips shook their heads
And said, "My my, it's just too bad
Puts grease in his hair, the little brat
He'll never be nothin' but a durn happy-cat
Yeller tie and checkered socks
He sure is headin' right square for the rocks
If he was mine I'd lay down the rule
I'd send him to a reform school"
Then Joe left town one midnight
And they they all haw-haw
They smiled and smirked and whispered
"He's gone and done somethin' and he's dodgin' the law"
Just a bunch of buzzards lookin' smug
Another grave they thought they'd dug
But several things they did know
About the kid called Jitter-bug Joe

A year went by, and then one day
As the buzzards met in their usual way
To mull over gossip, old and new
A man walked up and said, "How do you do?"
Three bright stripes were on his arm
A medal was pinned on his uniform
His eyes were clear and his voice was low
It was Sergeant Jitter-bug Joe
Oh, you old gossip-mongers
Don't your tongues ever get in a cramp?
If it wasn't for kids just like Jitter-bug Joe
You'd be "heil-in' Hitler" in a concentration camp
They're out there fightin' while you sit around
With nothin' to do but run folks down
Take off your hats and bow down low
To kids like Jitter-bug Joe

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