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Thunderclap Stomp Lyrics

Feet stompin' like the thunderclaps,
to a tune of my years younger,
tryin' to pull the words from the back of my head
but the sleep just pulled me under.
It pulls you under.
Tears steamin' like the rain it pours
to a dream of my years younger,
trying to pull the feeling of a younger heart
but it's hiding from the rain and the thunder.
Rain and the thunder.
I buried my six string in a lonesome grave
to a silence so cold and dreary,
it's the only way the wind she howled,
you built the road that left you weary.
What left you weary?
With dirt 'neath my nails and gleam in my eye,
dug deeper on down and resurrected
a song to make the hardest heart cry.
The string did tremble, the drums did boom.
In a caravan to the sky,
away we all flew under the red of a harvest moon.
Somewhere lost in the sky, you flew away with best intentions.
I named a star up above for the one
who flew away with best intentions.
Who flew away

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