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Unstoppable Lyrics

Remi Martin step on the scene like wha
Pun album number 14 like wha
Bout to take the whole industry like wha
Like wha, what the fuck I can't be touched
We got the BX locked the
Mo less, T.S. has got me
No stress cause y'all can't stop me
A bitch like Rem is unstoppable

(Verse 1)
I wish every breath I take, could taste like 'dro
Every sentence that I say will come out in a flow
So I'll never have to write, or spend no dough on smoke
I was never a comedian, but y'all ho's a joke
I use to be the loud one, the only bitch in a bunch
Standin in the middle crowd, puffin a blunt
Like it's legal, never put the coke in my cut
Just shotties and dead bodies layin up in the trunk
Y'all ho's is drunk, you sound like her, you sound like him
But I don't really care, long as no one sound like Rem
Get into hot shit, y'all better stop shit
Now I'm only spittin, in a minute, I'ma haul spit
Make yo' record label take yo shit of the market
Take ya name off the roster, and write Remi Martin
I'ma a monster, to y'all fraud broads, I'ma probelm
I spit so sick, and I flip so quick like wha!


(Verse 2)
Once I get started, you can't do shit
but get pissed, cop the album, cassette, and compact disc
Put me in a mansion, still a project bitch
Party shit, come threw bombin shit
In a Benz tesseler, wit the darkest tips
So expensive, niggaz hesitate to park the shit
Niggaz got big funds, so we copped big guns
Y'all scared to death, since I got wit Big Pun
If I ain't the baddest Bicth, in this rappin shit
Tell me who the fuck is so I can slap the bitch
Tell her stop writin rhymes, memorize her lines
Get her own shit, she wastin my time
I'm a double don, none of y'all can't trouble mines
Make a remix, kill the same verse double time
Hot to death, fuck around and stop ya breath
The find ya hat, ya soul, and bloody the rest like wha!


(Verse 3)
I think my flow, got a few hos mad at me
They run around tellin cats they wanna battle me
Ready to put up the dough, the truck and the V
I'm like whoa, y'all know who the fuck I be
Y'all know that my nigga's call me hannibal
Cause I be eatin bitches up like a cannibal
Wild out, like a muthafuckin animal
I got a thing for a clip that's expandable
And that's no kiddin, and no bullshittin
Murder you, yo kids, and ya grandchildren
Body the bird, the dog, and the lil kitten
You can stop the beat and all, and Remi still spittin
And you still flippin, how she the hottest bitch
When I get my shit written by the hottest kids
Cause you so pussy, so don't push me
And i'm way to loud, so you can't shush me, like wha!

(Chorus) - 4x

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