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Barhopper 2 Lyrics

...Thousands of people own their own camera equipment. Stamps are profitable, too, because they gradually increase in value.
What did I ever do to deserve this?
- I like your style.
- What?!
- I like your style.
- What are you, some sort of a nut?
...and WOW!
- Hellooo!
- Are you talkin' to me, fella?
Are you beginning to feel the rhythm now?
Do you feel the rhythm coursing through your veins, setting your blood on fire?
- I'm sorry, do I know you?

- ...um...

Don't ask her if she likes to dance unless you know how to dance.
When it's trying to get the attention of the opposite sex, it will slap its great forefins in the direction of the one it wants.
- What ARE you doing?
- Aw, come on now, who do you think you are, you--
- Fernando, fancy-fly extraordinaire!
Don't talk about yourself, and your interests, all during the meal.
How would you like to spank somebody?
- I beg your pardon!
Don't be afraid to use adjectives when you talk to women.

- I still wake up at nights, dreaming...
- I don't- I don't- I don't- I don't think you should be telling me these things.

- Hey. Hey, you!
- Are you talkin' to me, fella?
- Yeah. I love you.
My neighbor's favorite occupation is making models of boats.
- Hey, would you shut up?
- ...you know, I'm, uh... heh... it's awful nice to sit here with you, I... hah... that's an awful nice record, I'd--I just thought, you know, if, uh... yeah, it's right around the corner, I don't know, you know, if you wanted to... listen to a record... I, uh... you know, I just rattle around in a big apartment all by myself... heh... just me and the hi-fi... ha ha ha!
- You poor little thing. My heart goes out to you. ...And so does this poker!
- Augh!

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