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Midnight Love Affair Lyrics

Will you still be here with me
Or you gonna leave with the moonlight
Morning comes I’ll need you most
To hold you more than close through the night

Midnight love affair
How can I make you to stay
Midnight love affair
Please don’t run away

I really should be going
Tonight we’ll share a sweet thing
You better get my loving while you can
Don’t let me wake up lonely
I need you arms to hold me
Without you I’d be only half a man

Feels so good it can’t be wrong
To love you all night long
Please stay here with me
I ain’t gonna fall asleep
I’ll do anything to keep you near to me

Repeat Chorus

It’s been a lovely evening
But soon I must be leaving
I’ve heard those tender words I loved before
We’ll spent the night together
We’ll make love last forever
I only want to love you more and more

Repeat Chorus

Midnight love affair
I need you around

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